I started carpet cleaning in January 1993.

I used HWE, (hot water extraction). This system was called stimvak; we bought this form a company based in Rochdale. We started carpet cleaning tasks working throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians, this was a decent system at the time, but I always wanted better.

I was keen to move on to a Chemdry franchise, but this was completely out my league financially, I had recently got married, bought a new house and had a young family, cash was tight.

In 1999 a company based in Stockport wrote to me and invited me to a hotel in Edinburgh to view a new system from Australia called dry fusion, at first I declined this invite. On the day of the demo, the business was quiet, and I decided to go.

On arrival at the hotel reasonably nervous I sat and watched how this system could change the way carpets were being cleaning, I was very impressed firstly by the lovely citrus smell of the chemical (Activator).

The machine cleaned, deodorised, protected and heat dried carpets with a drying time of 30 minutes. This system was revolutionary in the carpet cleaning business and made my stimvak system look prehistoric.

I asked the demonstrators if we could visit there HQ in England. I immediately did this, spent some time on the road and decided to buy the system. With permission from the inventor John goldsmith, dry fusion Scotland was established. Since having the system, we have worked all over the UK for the sister company of Dry Fusion UK ltd, Wrennalls carpet care.

We have worked on all sizes of jobs from 1000m2 of carpet to 10,000m2 of carpet, this is something we still do, and I’m very proud to do this.

To this day the system is endorsed by many leading carpet manufacturers. We also exhibit the system all over the UK and Europe. Being part of this Dry fusion carpet cleaning system has changed my life.